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Student ACES prepares students for life after high school

Original story reported by Caleb Califano on WPBF. To see the full original story click here.

Student ACES is teaching young athletes the essence of leadership and teamwork, extending beyond sports fields.

Founded a decade ago, Student ACES focuses on molding young men and women into leaders on and off the field. Thursday, 70 student-athletes from 13 South Florida schools gathered to explore teamwork and leadership in real-world scenarios.


Through practical exercises and case studies, including topics like bullying, the program empowers students to apply their skills beyond sports.

Executive Director Krissy Webb notes that more than 50,000 students have been positively impacted over the past decade, with many applying their lessons in college and the workforce.

"So we work really hard the entire program to make these students not defined by sports. Because they are a lot more than sports," she said.


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