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The Student ACES Center (The SAC) is an afterschool and summer program that serves teenage student-athletes from the Glades Region. The SAC is a safe, stable, and nurturing environment offering innovative programs focused on academic success, career readiness, college prep, health and wellness, mental health, character development and personal development. Upon successful completion of the program, student athletes will understand what it means to be Champions. 


The mission of The SAC is to create Champions in the Glades community who will thrive in life.  

SAC Programs

The Student ACES Passport Program is
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What are the requirements to join The SAC?

Students must meet these qualifications to be enrolled at the SAC:

  1. Must be in enrolled at Glades Central, Pahokee, Everglades Prep, Glades Day, FLVS or Palm Beach State College or a local middle school.

  2. Complete the proper interview & registration procedure.

If you meet these requirements, please reach out to Tajelia Green to schedule a time to meet and discuss enrollment and registration. No students will be granted admission into the SAC if they are deemed a threat to the safety and well being of staff, students or community members.


How can my child join The SAC and how much does it cost?

Students must schedule time to meet with The Student ACES Team to discuss The SAC Policies & Procedures, mission & vision. Student must commit to the mission and vision of The Student ACES Center to be considered for membership.

There is no cost for students to attend the SAC.

Student ACES vows to never charge a student for services and relies solely on contributions. Student ACES works tirelessly to secure funding through corporate, private and individual donors. 


Can I come and visit The SAC?

All visitors, including parents, must schedule an appointment to visit the SAC before arriving at the facility. Please call the Student ACES Center at 561-463-7110 to make an appointment. Out of safety for our students, staff has the right to request photo identification, a background check or any other paperwork deemed necessary before visitors are given access to the building. This is to ensure our staff and students are safe at all times.


If you are interested in joining the Student ACES Center / Youth Empowerment Center, please visit The SAC for a tour and registration (915 S Main St, Belle Glade, FL 33430). Please contact The SAC team at 561-463-7110 should you have any questions prior to your visit. 


Online Registration: 


Participation Waivers:

Rules and Security Waiver:

Needs Assessment:

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