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Sticky Brand Lab Podcast - Changing Lives Together: Father-Daughter Power in Nonprofit Business

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Have you ever thought about starting a family business? Research has repeatedly shown that family businesses perform better than conventional businesses. If you have ever considered starting a for profit or nonprofit business with your dad but aren’t sure if your different approaches would work, this episode is for you!

Join hosts Nola Boea and Lori Vajda as they sit down with a remarkable father-daughter team who decided to start a nonprofit together in order to make a difference in their community. How was it to work alongside your parent? How do you handle conflicting viewpoints, leadership, and—most importantly—keeping your relationship intact? Learn the secrets to their business success as they share their motivational entrepreneurial journey with you, along with priceless insights and practical advice to help you launch your business venture with your dad.

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By the end of this episode, you’ll learn:

How partnerships between fathers and daughters can drive success, whether you run a for-profit or a not-for-profit companyA key component of successful family-run businesses is being driven by a common sense of purpose.Gain insights into the challenges faced by father-daughter teams and valuable tips for navigating themHear how family partnerships are not only about the present but also about building a lasting legacy that can impact communities and society as a whole.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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