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Students at the SAC Prepare for the New School Year at Busch Gardens

Belle Glade, FL - There is no better way to kick off a new school year, then with a field trip to Busch Gardens. This field trip taught many students at the SAC the true meaning of “work hard, play hard”. Throughout the summer, students had to earn a place on field trips by showing commitment, hard work, and the drive to be great. Some students worked at summer internships, other students committed to their academics or athletics and all of them completed community service projects. With hard work comes great reward and to recognize the students who made the most of their summer instead of sitting on the couch and playing video games, Student ACES took them to Busch Gardens. It was a great day of fun, roller coasters and even some learning. The day provided the opportunity for students to get away, relax and enjoy some time with their friends and our staff mentors. It was definitely a great way to finish off summer and kick off the new school year.


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