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Student ACES Wins Nonprofits First Innovation Award October 2023

West Palm Beach, FL – A year ago, Student ACES launched the Passport Program at the Student ACES Center in Belle Glade, FL. This program, in response to community crisis, poverty and overall need, places students in an interactive program that leads them on a journey of tasks in 7 Guiding Principles to Success – Academic Advising, Career Readiness, College Prep, Mental Health, Health and Wellness, Character and Personal Development. In exchange for completing tasks, the students earn stamps in the passport that can later be exchanged for incentives. 60 students enrolled in the program last year and completed tasks in all the Guiding Principles. In early October 2023, Student ACES was awarded the Innovation Award at the Nonprofits First Hats Off Awards, an award intended to honor true innovation in the work of a nonprofit. Student ACES fully believes in the innovation of the program and is so honored to have been named a recipient of the award.


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