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Student ACES

Student ACES mission is to create CHAMPIONS.

We create CHAMPIONS through our innovative programs
for high school student-athletes focused on
character and leadership.


Command Respect

Honor Your Word

Aspire to Greatness

Maintain Courage

Possess a Work Ethic Second to None

Inspire Others

Own a Winning Attitude

Never Settle

Sacrifice for Self and Team

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Since inception in 2013, Student ACES (ACE: Athletics, Community, Education) has shaped the leaders of tomorrow by creating a pathway for young men and women to achieve the highest standards of leadership. Through customized character education programs, incorporating the 9 ACES core values – Command Respect, Honor Your Word, Aspire to Greatness, Maintain Courage, Possess a Work Ethic Second to None, Inspire Others, Own a Winning Attitude, Never Settle, Sacrifice for Self and Team – student-athletes have the opportunity to engage with one another and learn through the application of case studies in an interactive environment.

The organization was founded in 2013 by father-daughter team Buck Martinez, who today is the president of the board, and Krissy Webb who oversees the organization as Executive Director. The inspiration for Student ACES stemmed from their desire to see every student achieve a foundation of leadership that would generate positive outcomes and tremendous success in the students’ lives.


A special thank you to our community partners.

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